Nando Moura’s comment about Bitcoin becomes a joke in social networks

Youtuber became a joke after sharing a lay opinion about bitcoin and cryptomoedas. „Better to talk about other subjects“.

At the end of 2018, Nando Moura, a Youtuber, member of an unknown heavy metal band and self-titled commentator of philosophy and theology used his channel to mock investors in Bitcoin, at that time, the digital currency was facing a drop of at least 40%.

In the view of the pseudo-understander of cryptoeconomy, „those who bought Bitcoin Code in 2017 automatically lost in 2018.

In 2017, when Bitcoin became very popular and several Youtubers felt the need to say something about it (to gain views), Nando Moura decided to venture out and speak ill of the currency.

After the video, bitcoin continued to rise and reached its highest value in history. Later, following its normal course of volatility, it depreciated more than 60%. It was in this moment of sudden fall that he decided to release an „I told you so“ (giving the impression that he is also a postulant to the seer).
Nando Moura pseudo seer saying that he warned that the price was going to fall
Nando Moura pseudo seer saying he warned that the price would fall

The reason for Nando Moura’s happiness and his need to say he WARNED (in capitals), was to try to prove that in the 2017 video he was „right“.

But those who know the market know that the history of Bitcoin price is full of ups and downs, for example, let’s see the Bitcoin historical price list below:

  • 2009 $0
  • 2010 $0.39
  • 2011 $3.14
  • 2012 $12
  • 2013 $1.120
  • 2014 $300
  • 2015 $450
  • 2016 $1.000
  • 2017 $20.000
  • 2018 $3,742

Who bought Bitcoin in 2013 ($1,120), lost in 2014 ($300)?

The answer is an obvious no.

Only those who sell bitcoin for a lower amount than they bought (duh) lose money. But this is so obvious that it makes it clear that the Moorish one underestimated the intelligence of his followers and proved that of cryptoeconomy he understands nothing.
Nando Moura becomes a joke (again)

Of the three times Nando Moura ventured to talk about Bitcoin he became a joke and a laughing stock in several groups of Bitcoin and Economy.

Now it couldn’t be any different.

With Bitcoin hitting record prices in Brazil, reaching an all-time high, youtuber kept quiet and forgot to say „I was wrong“ or at least apologize to his followers who probably discredited the digital currency because of the „philosopher’s“ opinion.

On Facebook, memes are being shared with the pseudo seer’s post.

Some of the comments:

„Kkkkkkk has been ashamed, but we can’t be ungrateful and thank you for this prayer of Dando Boura“.

„It’s Nandinho you can deny the monetary reality! But you can’t deny the consequences of denying Bitcoin’s reality!“

„Bitcoin, more than an investment, is the escape from the megalomaniac state madness.“


„Thanks for the prayer“

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